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Jane Pierotti



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Speech Writing and Coaching


Jane is distinctive as a speechwriter. Because she's a professional speaker, she writes as a speaker, not a writer. Big difference. A writer doesn't know what kind of stories will resonate with an audience. A writer can't tell you how to position yourself onstage to extend a laugh. A writer can't tell you where to walk on the stage to nail your final point. Jane  will make this part of your skill set.

We live in a world of sophisticated media consumers. Remember, when you get up to speak to a group, you’re competing with the intimacy of social media and the wow factor of television and movie special effects. You won’t get noticed with just a PowerPoint presentation. Worse, research has proven that you won’t be trusted either.

Most people don’t get their facts wrong, they just fall into the trap of sounding like everyone else. Since Jane is a professional speaker – she knows how to make you look good, sound good, say smart things, and hook an audience. Isn’t that what effective communication is all about?

Brainstorming & Innovation


It’s hard to break free from industry conventional wisdom. If you find yourself stuck in the same predictable solutions, Jane can help you think beyond what’s made you successful and help equip you for the future.

For instance, she helped a manufacturing goliath turn an adversarial relationship with line level employees into a partnership that increased profitability by over 22%.

Jane helped a senior executive of one of the world’s largest hospitality companies think through how private equity lessons could be applied to public corporations, and prepared talking points for his use with internal audiences.

If you’re finding yourself doing too much doing and not enough thinking, try adding Jane’s brain-power to yours.  You can off-load projects on her and save your own sanity.


Meeting Design & Implementation


Meetings and conferences cost money and take time. If yours can't move the needle on your goals, why have one?

Jane has designed dozens of conferences for audiences of 50 to 4,000 people on budgets that range from $25,000 to $8,000,000.  She can develop your agenda, create your theme, hire a production company to make it come alive onstage, write your speech & coach you to deliver it, hire outside speakers that reinforce your message points, handle your logistics and write & produce all of your conference materials. Most importantly, she can measure the effectiveness of your event.

She’s been the executive producer for conferences for Hilton Worldwide, Hilton Garden Inns, Hampton Hotels & Suites, Embassy Suites, and DoubleTree Hotels. Oh yes, and IBM, Arby’s and others.

If you want to make an impression and inspire action, hire Jane to do your event so you can run your business. You’ll both be a lot happier.

Communications Assessment

& Planning


People think that because their Vision Statement is hanging by the elevator, employees know what it is. If only.

If you’d like to know how well your organization understands where you’re going, and how they play a role in getting there, it may be time for a communications assessment.  Jane can conduct research to show you where the message is getting lost and develop a plan to help plug the gaps.

She helped the entire Hilton Garden Inn brand improve service, profitability, and quality in 12 months by focusing all of their hotels on 3 simple measurements. She helped the Memphis Kellogg’s plant survive, break 29 production records in one year, and win the Governor of Tennessee’s Company of the Year Award.


Planning Facilitation

& Development


If your company or department is like most, you have a crushing number of competing priorities.  Jane has a simple planning process to focus you and your team on:

1. What business you’re really in.  (It’s not as obvious as it seems.)

2. How to measure progress against the business you’re really in.

The end result is a no-longer-than two-page action plan with timetables and accountabilities.


Associated Builders & Contractors focused on what made them different and improved their revenue by 31%.  Hollins University changed their recruiting process and improved the quality of their incoming classes.



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